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Guest column: civilian nuclear power in the Middle East
By Craven Crowell
Financial Times
, January 14, 2011

Don’t Forget the Vision Thing in Deregulating Utilities
By Craven Crowell
The New York Times
August 30, 1998

What's Holding Back the Nuclear Renaissance?
By Craven Crowell
Public Utilities Fortnightly
, April, 2006

Deregulation Doesn’t Always Serve the Public
By Craven Crowell
The Boston Globe, April 26, 1999

Investing in New Generation
By Craven Crowell
The Times Daily, Florence, Alabama, January 28, 2001

Electrifying The Future: The Case for Electricity Research and Development
By Craven Crowell
The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee, July 6, 2000

Preparing TVA for Deregulation
By Craven Crowell
The Tennessee Magazine (the official publication of the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association), October 1998

Structural Changes and Restructuring
By Craven Crowell
, The Reddy Corporation International,
August 1996

Agreements Chinese Signed With TVA Strong Foundation for Future Projects
By Craven Crowell
The Nashville Banner
, September 25, 1996

TVA Has Vital Role in a Deregulated Marketplace
By Craven Crowell
The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee, September 7, 1997

TVA Customers Penalized by Bank Inflexibility
By Craven Crowell
The Nashville Banner
, January 26, 1996




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